Computer Science Technical Reports
CS at VT

Year: 2010

Number of items: 19.

Judge, Tejinder K. and Neustaedter, Carman (2010) The Family Window: Perceived Usage and Privacy Concerns. Technical Report TR-10-01, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Sandu, Adrian and Cheng, Haiyan (2010) Revision of TR-09-25: A Hybrid Variational/Ensemble Filter Approach to Data Assimilation. Technical Report TR-10-19, Computer Science, VPI & SU.

Bhatia, Saurabh and Lilley, Tripp and McCrickard, D. Scott and Kienzle, Paul (2010) Emerging from the MIST: A Connector Tool for Supporting Programming by Non-programmers. Technical Report TR-10-04, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Murthy, Uma and Kozievitch, Nadia and Leidig, Jonathan and Torres, Ricardo and Yang, Seungwon and Goncalves, Marcos and Delcambre, Lois and Archer, David and Fox, Edward (2010) Extending the 5S Framework of Digital Libraries to support Complex Objects, Superimposed Information, and Content-Based Image Retrieval Services. Technical Report TR-10-05, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Coordinator, REU (2010) Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Virginia Tech Center for Human-Computer Interaction Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Symposium. Technical Report TR-10-08, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Xu, Kui and Yao, Danfeng(Daphne) and Ma, Qiang and Crowell, Alexander (2010) User-Behavior Based Detection of Infection Onset. Technical Report TR-10-09, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Cioaca, Alexandru and Alexe, Mihai and Sandu, Dr Adrian (2010) Second order adjoints for solving PDE-constrained optimization problems. Technical Report TR-10-12, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Quintana Castillo, Ricardo and Hanrahan, Ben and Pérez-Quiñones, Manuel (2010) Mobilizar: Capturing User Behavior with Mobile Digital Diaries. Technical Report TR-10-13, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Alexe, Mihai and Adrian, Sandu (2010) Space-time adaptive solution of inverse problems with the discrete adjoint method. Technical Report TR-10-14, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Phillips, Rhonda D. and Watson, Layne T. and Wynne, Randolph H. and Ramakrishnan, Naren (2010) Enrichment Procedures for Soft Clusters: A Statistical Test and its Applications. Technical Report TR-10-02, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Chen, Feng and Lu, Chang-Tien and Boedihardjo, Arnold P. (2010) GLS-SOD: A Generalized Local Statistical Approach for Spatial Outlier Detection. Technical Report TR-10-03, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Fisher II, Marc and Dufour, Bruno and Basu, Shrutarshi and Ryder, Barbara G. (2010) Exploring the Impact of Context Sensitivity on Blended Analysis. Technical Report TR-10-06, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Fisher II, Marc and Marrs, Luke and Ryder, Barbara G. (2010) Visualizing the Results of a Complex Hybrid Dynamic-Static Analysis. Technical Report TR-10-07, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Aji, Ashwin M. and Daga, Mayank and Feng, Wu-chun (2010) CampProf: A Visual Performance Analysis Tool for Memory Bound GPU Kernels. Technical Report TR-10-10, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Song, Shuaiwen and Su, Chunyi and Ge, Rong and Vishnu, Abhinav and Kirk, Cameron (2010) Iso-energy-efficiency: An approach to power-constrained parallel computation. Technical Report TR-10-11, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Xiong, Huijun and Yao, Danfeng and Zhang, Zhibin (2010) Storytelling Security: User-Intention Based Traffic Sanitization. Technical Report TR-10-15, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Subramaniam, Balaji and Feng, Wu-chun (2010) Load-Varying LINPACK: A Benchmark for Evaluating Energy Efficiency in High-End Computing. Technical Report TR-10-16, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Ahn, Tae-Hyuk and Sandu, Adrian and Watson, Layne T. and Shaffer, Clifford A. and Cao, Yang and Baumann, William T. (2010) Parallel Load Balancing Strategies for Ensembles of Stochastic Biochemical Simulations. Technical Report TR-10-17, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Ghommem, Mehdi and Hajj, Muhammad R. and Watson, Layne T. and Mook, Dean T. and Snyder, Richard D. and Beran, Philip S. (2010) Deterministic Global Optimization of Flapping Wing Motion for Micro Air Vehicles. Technical Report TR-10-18, Computer Science and Mathematics, Virginia Tech.

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