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Parallel ELLPACK for Shared Memory Multiprocessors

Ribbens, Calvin J. and Pitts, George G. and Watson, Layne T. (1992) Parallel ELLPACK for Shared Memory Multiprocessors. Technical Report TR-92-56, Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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This paper describes a parallel version of ELLPACK for shared memory multiprocessors. ELLPACK is a system for numerically solving elliptic PDEs. It consists of a very high level language for defining PDE problems and selecting methods of solution, and a library of approximately fifty problem solving modules. Earlier work considered three discretization modules (five point star, hodie, and hermite collocation), two linear system solution modules (linpack spd band and jacobi cg), and a triple module (hodie fft) which includes both discretization and solution, all for rectangular domains and simple boundary conditions. Here we describe parallel versions of six additional modules (hermite collocation, hodie helmholtz, five point star, band ge, sor, symmetric sor cg) for general boundary conditions and domains, and discuss modifications to the ELLPACK preprocessor, the tool that translates an ELLPACK "program" into FORTRAN.

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