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Simulation Support: Prototyping The Automation-Based Paradigm

Balci, Osman and Nance, Richard E. (1987) Simulation Support: Prototyping The Automation-Based Paradigm. Technical Report TR-87-20, Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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This paper describes our research efforts in prototyping the automation-based software paradigm to provide automated support for discrete-event simulation model development. The automation-based paradigm has been suggested as the software technology in the 1990's. The technology needed to support this paradigm does not yet exist. However, the benefits to be gained are so significant that, if achieved, it could profoundly change the way that simulation models are developed. We have been working to achieve this paradigm in the form of an environment composed of an integrated and comprehensive collection of computer-based tools. Our prototyping efforts have focused on the Model Generator, Model Analyzer, and Assistance Manager tools. The Model Generator tool is crucial for the realization of the paradigm and three prototypes have been developed. Our experimentations with the prototypes indicate that the paradigm can be achieved if a small problem domain is chosen. The problem becomes quite complex in the domain-independent case; nevertheless, we believe that the challenge can be met by way of an evolutionary development of prototypes.

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