Computer Science Technical Reports
CS at VT

Subject: Software Engineering

Number of items: 26.

Feng, Wu (2008) Everywhere Energy-Efficient E-Computing. Technical Report TR-08-10, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Judge, Tejinder K. and Pyla, Pardha S. and McCrickard, D. Scott and Harrison, Steve and Hartson, H. Rex (2008) Studying Group Decision Making in Affinity Diagramming. Technical Report TR-08-16, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Kim, Dong Kwan and Tilevich, Eli and Ribbens, Calvin J. (2009) Shortening Time-to-Discovery with Dynamic Software Updates for Parallel High Performance Applications. Technical Report TR-09-11, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Cao, Zhenwei and Easterling, David R. and Watson, Layne T. and Li, Dong and Cameron, Kirk W. and Feng, Wu-Chun (2009) Power Saving Experiments for Large Scale Global Optimization. Technical Report TR-09-14, Computer Science and Mathematics, Virginia Tech.

Ackermann, Robert and Zhang, Liqing (2009) Methods for detecting inter-protein covarying sites . Technical Report TR-09-22, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Hays, Joe and Sandu, Adrian and Sandu, Corina and Hong, Dennis (2011) Parametric Design Optimization of Uncertain Ordinary Differential Equation Systems. Technical Report TR-11-06, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Daga, Mayank and Scogland, Thomas R.W. and Feng, Wu-chun (2011) Architecture-Aware Optimization on a 1600-core Graphics Processor. Technical Report TR-11-08, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Elish, Karim O. and Deng, Yipan and Yao, Danfeng and Kafura, Dennis (2012) Device-Based Isolation for Securing Cryptographic Keys. Technical Report TR-12-21, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Groener, M.K. and Arthur, J. (2002) Confirming the Effectiveness of the Requirements Generation Model. Technical Report TR-02-06, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Edwards, Stephen (2002) Proceedings of the RESOLVE Workshop 2002. Technical Report TR-02-11, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Edwards, Stephen H. (2006) Proceedings of the Resolve Workshop 2006. Technical Report TR-06-10, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Frakes, Prof William (2002) Configuration Management for Reusable Software ?. Technical Report TR-02-29, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Sidky, Ahmed S. and Sud, Rajat R. and Bhatia, Shishir and Arthur, James D. (2002) Problem Identification and Decomposition within the Requirements Generation Process. Technical Report TR-02-31, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Rode, Jochen and Howarth, Jonathan and Perez-Quinones, Manuel A. and Rosson, Mary Beth (2005) An End-User Development Perspective on State-of-the-Art Web Development Tools. Technical Report TR-05-03, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Lee, Jason Chong and Wahid, Shahtab and Chewar, C. M. and Congleton, Ben and McCrickard, D. Scott (2005) Spiraling Toward Usability: An Integrated Design Environment and Management System. Technical Report TR-05-15, Computer Science, Center for HCI, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).

Archuleta, Jeremy and Tilevich, Prof. Eli and Feng, Prof. Wu-chun (2006) Architectural Refactoring for Fast and Modular Bioinformatics Sequence Search. Technical Report TR-06-20, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Harris, Charles and Frakes, William (2006) Domain Engineering: An Empirical Study. Technical Report TR-06-28, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Sidky, Ahmed Samy and Arthur, James D. (2003) RGML: A Markup Language for Characterizing Requirements Generation Processes. Technical Report TR-03-03, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Sud, Rajat R. and Arthur, James D. (2003) Requirements Management Tools: A Quantitative Assessment. Technical Report TR-03-10, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Fox, Edward and Carroll, John and Fan, Patrick and Cassel, Lillian and Zubair, Mohammed and Maly, Kurt and McMillan, Gail and Ramakrishnan, Naren and Halbert, Martin (2003) Science of Digital Libraries(SciDL). Technical Report TR-03-13, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

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