Computer Science Technical Reports
CS at VT

Subject: Problem Solving Environments

Number of items: 7.

Deshpande, S. and Watson, L.T. and Shu, J. and Kamke, F. A. and Ramakrishnan, N. (2009) Data Driven Surrogate Based Optimization in the Problem Solving Environment WBCSim. Technical Report TR-09-24, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Shu, J. and Watson, L.T. and Zombori, B.G. and Kamke, F.A. (2002) WBCSim: An Environment for Modeling Wood-Based Composites Manufacturing. Technical Report TR-02-01, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Rubin, E.J. and Diet, R. and Chanat, J. and Speir, C. and Dymond, R. and Lohani, V. and Kibler, D. and Bosch, D. and Shaffer, C.A. and Ramakrishnan, N. and Watson, L.T. (2000) From Landscapes to Waterscapes: A PSE for Landuse Change Analysis. Technical Report TR-00-09, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Hosder, Serhat and Grossman, Bernard and Haftka, Raphael T. and Mason, William H. and Watson, Layne T. (2004) Quantitative Relative Comparison of CFD Simulation Uncertainties for a Transonic Diffuser Problem. Technical Report TR-04-20, Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design (MAD) Center for Advanced Vehicles, Virginia Tech.

Shu, Jiang and Watson, Layne T. and Ramakrishnan, Naren and Kamke, Frederick A. and North, Chris (2005) Unification of Problem Solving Environment Implementation Layers with XML. Technical Report TR-05-02, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Kamke, Frederick A. and Watson, Layne T. and Lee, Jong-Nam and Shu, Jiang (2005) A problem solving environment for the wood-based composites industry. Technical Report TR-05-12, Computer Science, Wood Science & Engineering, Virginia Tech.

Thacker, W. I. and Wang, C. Y. and Watson, L. T. (2007) Effect of flexible joints on the stability and large deflections of a triangular frame . Technical Report TR-07-07, Computer Science, Mathematics, Virginia Tech.

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