Computer Science Technical Reports
CS at VT

Subject: Parallel Computation

Number of items: 64.

Linford, John C. and Sandu, Adrian (2008) Multilayered Heterogeneous Parallelism Applied to Atmospheric Constituent Transport Simulation. Technical Report TR-08-21, Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Singh, A. and Balaji, P. and Feng, W. (2008) A Pluggable Framework for Lightweight Task Offloading in Parallel and Distributed Computing . Technical Report TR-08-27, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Pyla, Hari and Ramesh, Bharath and Ribbens, Calvin J. and Varadarajan, Srinidhi (2009) ScALPEL: A Scalable Adaptive Lightweight Performance Evaluation Library for application performance monitoring. Technical Report TR-09-03, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Kim, Dong Kwan and Tilevich, Eli and Ribbens, Calvin J. (2009) Shortening Time-to-Discovery with Dynamic Software Updates for Parallel High Performance Applications. Technical Report TR-09-11, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Xiao, Shucai and Feng, Wu-chun (2009) Inter-Block GPU Communication via Fast Barrier Synchronization. Technical Report TR-09-19, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Xiao, Shucai and Aji, Ashwin and Feng, Wu-chun (2009) On the Robust Mapping of Dynamic Programming onto a Graphics Processing Unit . Technical Report TR-09-20, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Sudarsan, R. and Ribbens, C. and Varadarajan, S. (2009) Priority-enabled Scheduling for Resizable Parallel Applications. Technical Report TR-09-26, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Dos Santos Jr, Raimundo F. and Boedihardjo, Arnold P. and Lu, Chang-Tien (2011) A Framework for the Expansion of Spatial Features Based on Semantic Footprints. Technical Report TR-11-07, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Peng, Chao and Cao, Yong (2011) GPU-based Streaming for Parallel Level of Detail on Massive Model Rendering. Technical Report TR-11-12, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Martinez, Gabriel and Feng, Wu-chun and Gardner, Mark (2011) CU2CL: A CUDA-to-OpenCL Translator for Multi- and Many-core Architectures. Technical Report TR-11-13, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Easterling, David R. and Watson, Layne T. and Madigan, Michael L. and Castle, Brent S. and Trosset, Michael W. (2011) Parallel Deterministic and Stochastic Global Minimization of Functions with Very Many Minima. Technical Report TR-11-19, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Almohri, Hussain M. J. and Yao, Danfeng and Kafura, Denis (2011) Identifying Native Applications with High Assurance. Technical Report TR-11-20, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Radcliffe, Nicholas R. and Watson, Layne T. and Sosonkina, Masha and Haftka, Rafael T. and Trosset, Michael W. (2011) Adjusting process count on demand for petascale global optimization⋆. Technical Report TR-11-21, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Scogland, Tom and Subramaniam, Balaji and Feng, Wu-chun (2011) The Green500 List: Escapades to Exascale. Technical Report TR-11-26, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Park, Seung In and Cao, Yong and Watson, Layne T. and Quek, Francis (2012) Performance Analysis of a Novel GPU Computation-to-core Mapping Scheme for Robust Facet Image Modeling. Technical Report TR-12-05, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Ahn, Tae-Hyuk and Sandu, Adrian and Watson, Layne T. and Shaffer, Clifford A. and Cao, Yang and Baumann, William T. (2012) A Framework to Analyze the Performance of Load Balancing Schemes for Ensembles of Stochastic Simulations. Technical Report TR-12-06, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Zhang, Hao and Banick, William and Yao, Danfeng (Daphne) and Ramakrishnan, Naren (2012) User Intention-Based Traffic Dependence Analysis For Anomaly Detection. Technical Report TR-12-07, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Shu, Xiaokui and Yao, Danfeng (Daphne) (2012) Data Leak Detection As a Service: Challenges and Solutions. Technical Report TR-12-10, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Wang, Zilong and Yao, Danfeng (Daphne) and Feng, Rongquan (2012) Adaptive Key Protection in Complex Cryptosystems with Attributes. Technical Report TR-12-16, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Scogland, Thomas R. W. and Feng, Wu-chun and Rountree, Barry and de Supinski, Bronis R. (2012) CoreTSAR: Task Scheduling for Accelerator-aware Runtimes. Technical Report TR-12-20, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

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