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Space for Two to Think: Large, High-Resolution Displays for Co-located Collaborative Sensemaking

Bradel, Lauren and Andrews, Christopher and Endert, Alex and Vogt, Katherine and Hutchings, Duke and North, Chris (2011) Space for Two to Think: Large, High-Resolution Displays for Co-located Collaborative Sensemaking. Technical Report TR-11-11, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

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Large, high-resolution displays carry the potential to enhance single display groupware collaborative sensemaking for intelligence analysis tasks by providing space for common ground to develop, but it is up to the visual analytics tools to utilize this space effectively. In an exploratory study, we compared two tools (Jigsaw and a document viewer), which were adapted to support multiple input devices, to observe how the large display space was used in establishing and maintaining common ground during an intelligence analysis scenario using 50 textual documents. We discuss the spatial strategies employed by the pairs of participants, which were largely dependent on tool type (data-centric or function-centric), as well as how different visual analytics tools used collaboratively on large, high-resolution displays impact common ground in both process and solution. Using these findings, we suggest design considerations to enable future co-located collaborative sensemaking tools to take advantage of the benefits of collaborating on large, high-resolution displays.

Item Type:Departmental Technical Report
Keywords:Visual analytics, collaborative sensemaking, large, high-resolution displays, single display groupware
Subjects:Computer Science > Human Computer Interaction
Computer Science > Information Visualization
ID Code:1157
Deposited By:Bradel, Ms Lauren
Deposited On:31 January 2013