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Increasing the Precision of Distant Pointing for Large High-Resolution Displays

Kopper, Regis and Silva, Mara G. and McMahan, Ryan P. and Bowman, Doug A. (2008) Increasing the Precision of Distant Pointing for Large High-Resolution Displays. Technical Report TR-08-17, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

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Distant pointing at large displays allows rapid cursor movements, but can be problematic when high levels of precision are needed, due to natural hand tremor and track-ing jitter. We present two ray-casting-based interaction techniques for large high-resolution displays – Absolute and Relative Mapping (ARM) Ray-casting and Zooming for Enhanced Large Display Acuity (ZELDA) – that ad-dress this precision problem. ZELDA enhances precision by providing a zoom window, which increases target sizes resulting in greater precision and visual acuity. ARM Ray-casting increases user control over the cursor position by allowing the user to activate and deactivate relative map-ping as the need for precise manipulation arises. The results of an empirical study show that both approaches improve performance on high-precision tasks when compared to basic ray-casting. In realistic use, however, performance of the techniques is highly dependent on user strategy.

Item Type:Departmental Technical Report
Subjects:Computer Science > Human Computer Interaction
ID Code:1024
Deposited By:Kopper, Regis
Deposited On:16 September 2008