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Implementation of Motion Without Movement on Real 3D Objects

Antonov, Lyudmil and Raskar, Ramesh (2004) Implementation of Motion Without Movement on Real 3D Objects. Technical Report TR-04-02, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

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Researchers have developed a technique such that when the colors of a static image are toggled on a screen, the illusion of continuous movement in a certain direction is produced. This phenomenon is known as motion without movement. In our research we aim to extend the applications of this technique and apply it to real three-dimensional objects. In order to achieve the projection of images onto three-dimensional shapes, we use projectors called shader lamps, which apply an algorithm to a two-dimensional image so that it appears undistorted when projected onto a three-dimensional object. The resulting effect is that a static object appears to be moving continuously in a desired direction. In addition to applying the motion without movement technique to entire objects, we also examine its use on parts of an image as small as a pixel. Using a technique called optical flow, we determine the exact movement oparts of an image by taking a second image similar to the original, where image shapes have moved and determine in which direction. Finally, we extend the motion without movement technique beyond its previous applications to use on color rather than solely grayscale images, thus producing even more realistic results.

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