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Computer Analysis of User Interfaces Based on Repetition in Transcripts of User Sessions

Siochi, Antonio C. and Ehrich, Roger W. (1990) Computer Analysis of User Interfaces Based on Repetition in Transcripts of User Sessions. Technical Report TR-90-15, Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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It is generally acknowledged that the production of quality user interfaces requires a thorough understanding of the user and that this involves evaluating the interface by observing the user working with the system, or by performing human factors experiments. Such methods traditionally involve the use of video tape, protocol analysis, critical incident analysis, etc. These methods require time consuming analyses and may be invasive. In addition, the data obtained through such methods represent a relatively small portion of the use of a system. An alternative approach is to record all user input and systems output, i.e., log the user session. Such transcripts can be collected automatically and non-invasively over a long period of time. Unfortunately, this produces voluminous amounts of data. There is, therefore, a need for tools and techniques that allow an evaluator to identify potential performance and usability problems from such data. It is hypothesized that repetition of user actions is an important indicator of potential user interface problems.

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