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Sudarsan, R. and Ribbens, C. and Varadarajan, S. (2009) Priority-enabled Scheduling for Resizable Parallel Applications. Technical Report TR-09-26, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Belgin, Mehmet and Back, Godmar and Ribbens, Calvin (2009) A Library for Pattern-based Sparse Matrix Vector Multiply. Technical Report TR-09-27, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Prabhakar, Sandeep and Ribbens, Calvin and Bora, Prachi (2002) Multifaceted Web Services: An Approach to Secure and Scalable Grid Scheduling. Technical Report TR-02-26, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Ribbens, C. and Bora, P. and Di Ventra, M. and Hauck, J. and Prabhakar, S. and Taylor, C. (2002) From Cluster to Grid: A Case Study in Scaling-Up a Molecular Electronics Simulation Code. Technical Report TR-02-27, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.