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Update on Multirate Timestepping Methods for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

Constantinescu, Emil M and Sandu, Adrian (2007) Update on Multirate Timestepping Methods for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws. Technical Report TR-07-12, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

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This paper constructs multirate time discretizations for hyperbolic conservation laws that allow different timesteps to be used in different parts of the spatial domain. The proposed family of discretizations is second order accurate in time and has conservation and linear and nonlinear stability properties under local CFL conditions. Multirate timestepping avoids the necessity to take small global timesteps (restricted by the largest value of the Courant number on the grid) and therefore results in more efficient algorithms. Numerical results obtained for the advection and Burgers equations confirm the theoretical findings.

Item Type:Departmental Technical Report
Subjects:Computer Science > Numerical Analysis
ID Code:955
Deposited By:Constantinescu, Mr. Emil M.
Deposited On:22 March 2007