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Rautenkranz, Karl and Orgass, Richard J. (1978) TRANSFER OF APL WORKSPACES: A USEFUL SOLUTION. Technical Report CS78006-R, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

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Most suppliers of APL have not yet implemented the STAPL convention for transĀ¬mitting workspaces from one installation to another. This report describes three workspace representations which may be used on a DECsystem-lO for this purpose. Two are partial implementations of the 8TAPL convention: one for level 2 of the convention, the other for level 3. The third representation is a terminal transcript file which is to be used as an input file. In addition, these representations may be used to reduce the disk storage required for APL workspaces on the DECsystem-lO.

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Keywords:APL Workspace Interchange, APL Workspace Transfer, Software Exchange
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