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Working-Set-Like Memory Management Algorithms

Lam, Felix L. and Ferrari, Domenico (1974) Working-Set-Like Memory Management Algorithms. Technical Report CS74025-R, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

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This paper considers the design and evaluation of memory management algorithms to be applied to multiprogramming computer systems with virtual memory. The operation of the Denning working set algorithm is studied and is recognized to be a replacement process of time indices based on a rule closely related to the replacement rule of the First-In-First-Out replacement algorithm. Basing on these analyses, a framework in the time domain is then proposed. A duality rule capable of transforming a replacement algorithm in the space domain into a working-set-like algorithm (retention algorithm) in the time domain is designed. Some properties of these newly-designed retention algorithms are derived. The performances of some retention algorithms with respect to their space duals are experimentally studied by simulation. Results show generally better performance for retention algorithms than for their space dual replacement algorithms.

Item Type:Departmental Technical Report
Keywords:Memory management, space sharing, dynamic storage allocation, multiprogramming, virtual memory, working sets, replacement algorithms, program behavior, retention algorithms, space-time duality, demand-paging
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