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Voice Navigation of Structured Web Spaces

Perez-Quinones, Manuel and Dannenberg, Natasha and Capra, Robert (2002) Voice Navigation of Structured Web Spaces. Technical Report TR-02-22, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

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Voice Navigation of web spaces has become a reality in the last few years, partly due to the rapid adoption of VoiceXML and the increase in communication quality and computing power of cell-phones. This report discusses some of the approaches on how to convert the web content to a way that could be used from a voice-enabled phone. These approaches have different pros and cons when it comes to the usability of the voice-navigation of web spaces. This report discusses our work to produce voice navigation of web spaces placing usability as the highest criteria. We have designed of a voice user interface for pages with a fixed structure and user-specified content, such as My Yahoo! pages. For these types of pages, we have defined the voice navigation strategy that we will use and conducted an initial usability study on this navigation strategy. From the usability study we have obtained validation for some of our approaches, and learned some new concepts in voice navigation as well. With our findings, we are defining annotation tags that can be used to produce highly usable web pages over a phone user interface. In this paper we describe our initial study and the findings of the study.

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