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Multi-Objective Control-Structures Optimization Via Homotopy Methods

Rakowska, Joanna and Haftka, Robert T. and Watson, Layne T. (1990) Multi-Objective Control-Structures Optimization Via Homotopy Methods. Technical Report TR-90-63, Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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A recently developed active set algorithm for tracking parametrized optima is adapted to multi-objective optimization. The algorithm traces a path of Kuhn-Tucker points using homotopy curve tracking techniques, and is based on identifying and maintaining the set of active constraints. Second order necessary optimality conditions are used to determine nonoptimal stationary points on the path. In the bi-objective optimization case the algoritm is used to trace the curve efficient solutions (Pareto optima). As an example, the algorithm is applied to the simultaneous minimization of the weight and control force of a ten-bar truss with two collocated sensors and actuators, with some interesting results.

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