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Complexity Measurement of a Graphical Programming Language

Henry, Sallie M. and Goff, Roger (1987) Complexity Measurement of a Graphical Programming Language. Technical Report TR-87-35, Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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For many years the software engineering community has been attacking the software reliability problem on two fronts: First via design methodologies, languages and tools as a precheck on quality and second by measuring the quality of produced software as a postcheck. This research attempts to unify the approach to creating reliable software by providing the ability to measure the quality of a design prior to its design implementation. Using a graphical design language in an effort to support cognitive science research, we have successfully defined and applied Software Quality Metrics to graphical designs in an effort to predict software quality early in the software lifecycle. Metrics values from the Graphical Design are input to predictor equations, provided in this paper, to give metric values for the resultant source code.

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