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Partitioned Frame Networks for Multi-Level, Menu-Based Interaction

Arthur, James D. (1987) Partitioned Frame Networks for Multi-Level, Menu-Based Interaction. Technical Report TR-87-24, Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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Menu-based systems have continued to flourish because they present a simple interaction format that is adaptable to many diverse applications. The continued integration of menu-based interaction with increasingly sophisticated software systems, however, is resulting in complex, monolithic frame networks with several undesirable characteristics. This paper presents a novel approach to frame network construction and menu-based interaction for application systems that support user task specifications. The approach is based on partitioning the conventional, monolithic frame network into a set of hierarchically structured, disjoint networks that preserves the original network topology while reducing its overall complexity and size. Moreover, by providing a menu-based interaction scheme that exploits this hierarchical structure, one can realize a system that supports a "top-down" approach to user task specification and user interaction at varying levels of sophistication.

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