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Precision of Binary Matching Systems

Ehrich, Roger W. and Ramesh, Visvanathan (1987) Precision of Binary Matching Systems. Technical Report TR-87-17, Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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Inexpensive memory and fast processors have made it feasible to build binary matching inspection systems capable of very high measurement precision that operate at near-camera speeds. While the limitations of binary inspection are well known, its performance and cost advantage can be very large in situations in which it can be applied. When binary matching inspection systems are designed and when they are purchased and installed by end-users it becomes absolutely essential to understand the numerous sources that contribute to measurement error. That makes it possible to make precise statements about the accuracy of components whose tolerances they are used to certify. This paper considers quantitative precision issues for the inspection of strictly 2-dimensional objects using line scan cameras that integrate while the workpiece is in motion.

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