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On Locally Linear Classification by Pairwise Coupling

Chen, Feng and Lu, Chang-Tien and Boedihardjo, Arnold P. (2008) On Locally Linear Classification by Pairwise Coupling. Technical Report TR-08-20, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

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Locally linear classification by pairwise coupling addresses a nonlinear classification problem by three basic phases: decompose the classes of complex concepts into linearly separable subclasses, learn a linear classifier for each pair, and combine pairwise classifiers into a single classifier. A number of methods have been proposed in this framework. However, these methods have several deficiencies: 1) lack of a systematic evaluation of the framework, 2) naive application of general clustering algorithms to generate subclasses, and 3) no valid method to estimate and optimal number of subclasses. This paper proves the equivalence between three popular combination schemas under general settings, defines several global criterion functions for measuring the goodness of subclasses, and presents a supervised greedy clustering algorithm to minimize the proposed criterion functions. Extensive experiments has also been conducted on a set of benchmark data to validate the effectiveness of the proposed techniques.

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