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Automated Theorem-proving and Program Verification: An Annotated Bibliography

Macock, Deborah Y. (1975) Automated Theorem-proving and Program Verification: An Annotated Bibliography. Technical Report CS75027-R, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

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This bibliography contains a synopsis of each reference, taken from one of three sources: (1) the author's abstract; (2) the review of the reference in ACM Computing Reviews; (3) an abstract prepared locally. The third alternative was chosen only if the first two were unavailable. Each reference is identified by a number with prefix PV or A (program verification or automated theorem-proving) depending upon its contents, and the identification number is used for cross-referencing the entries. If a reference deals with both areas, it has two identification numbers. Also included is an author index, which is arranged alphabetically according to the first author's name if the source is co-authored. It is anticipated that this bibliography will be updated as research in the field progresses.

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Keywords:automated theorem-proving, program correctness, program verification, software reliability, software evaluation
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