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Spiraling Toward Usability: An Integrated Design Environment and Management System

Lee, Jason Chong and Wahid, Shahtab and Chewar, C. M. and Congleton, Ben and McCrickard, D. Scott (2005) Spiraling Toward Usability: An Integrated Design Environment and Management System. Technical Report TR-05-15, Computer Science, Center for HCI, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).

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Decades of innovation in designing usable (and unusable) interfaces have resulted in a plethora of guidelines, usability engineering methods, and other design tools. However, novice developers often have difficulty selecting and utilizing theory-based design tools in a coherent design process. This work introduces an integrated design environment and knowledge management system, LINK-UP. The central design record (CDR) module, provides tools to enable a guided, coherent development process. The CDR aims to prevent breakdowns occurring between design and evaluation phases both within the development team and during design knowledge reuse processes. We report on results from three case studies illustrating novice designers use of LINK-UP. A design knowledge IDE incorporating a CDR can help novice developers craft interfaces in a methodical fashion, while applying, verifying, and producing reusable design knowledge. Although LINK-UP supports a specific design domain, our IDE approach can transfer to other domains.

Item Type:Departmental Technical Report
Keywords:Usability engineering, design tools, knowledge management, central design record, LINK-UP
Subjects:Computer Science > Human Computer Interaction
Computer Science > Software Engineering
ID Code:722
Deposited By:Lee, Jason Chong
Deposited On:24 October 2005