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Snap2Diverse: Coordinating Information Visualizations and Virtual Environments

Polys, Nicholas F. and Ray, Andrew and Moldenhauer, Maxim and Dandekar, Chetan and North, Dr. Chris (2003) Snap2Diverse: Coordinating Information Visualizations and Virtual Environments. Technical Report TR-03-23, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

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The field of Information Visualization is concerned with improving with how users perceive, understand, and interact with visual representations of data sets. Immersive Virtual Environments (VEs) excel at providing researchers and designers a greater comprehension of the spatial features and relations of their data, models, and scenes. This project addresses the intersection of these two fields where information is visualized in a virtual environment. Specifically we are interested in visualizing abstract information in relation to spatial information in the context of a virtual environment. We describe a set of design issues for this type of integrated visualization and demonstrate a coordinated, multiple-views system supporting 2D and 3D visualization tasks such as overview, navigation, details-on-demand, and brushing-and-linking selection. Software architecture issues are discussed with details of our implementation applied to the domain of chemical information and visualization. Lastly, we subject our system to an informal usability evaluation and identify usability issues with interaction and navigation that may guide future work in these situations.

Item Type:Departmental Technical Report
Keywords:Information-Rich Virtual Environments, Information Visualization, Immersive Systems, Molecular Graphics
Subjects:Computer Science > Information Visualization
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Deposited On:26 August 2005