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RGML: A Markup Language for Characterizing Requirements Generation Processes

Sidky, Ahmed Samy and Arthur, James D. (2003) RGML: A Markup Language for Characterizing Requirements Generation Processes. Technical Report TR-03-03, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

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In this paper we present the Requirements Generation Markup Language (RGML). The RGML supports the formal characterization of (a) the physical structure of a requirements generation process, (b) individual activities inherent to that process, and (c) artifacts produced and consumed during the generation process. The inclusion of templates, application instantiation, and the expression of temporally-based pre- and post-conditions increase the flexibility of RGML and its ability to capture variations in requirements generation processes. We envision the RGML as providing the specification basis for (automatically) producing interactive environments that lead (or guide) the requirements engineer through a structured set of integrated activities that foster the evolution of quality requirements.

Item Type:Departmental Technical Report
Keywords:Requirements Engineering, Markup Languages, Process Modeling
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