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Enumeration and Analysis of Variable Geometry Truss Manipulators

Reinholtz, V. Arun and Watson, Layne T. (1990) Enumeration and Analysis of Variable Geometry Truss Manipulators. Technical Report TR-90-10, Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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The variable-geometry truss or VGT, is a generalization of Stewart's most basic platform manipulator concept. In this paper, all possible basic forms of the truss-type manipulator are enumerated. These basic forms, or unit cells, are shown to be building blocks from which all truss-type manipulators are formed. Several manipulator concepts based on the unit cell construction are then presented as examples, including a new potentially superior form of Stewart's Platform. Finally, a general method for the forward kinematic analysis of VGT unit cells is described.

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