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Guidelines for Selecting and Using Simulation Model Verification Techniques

Whitner, Richard B. and Balci, Osman (1989) Guidelines for Selecting and Using Simulation Model Verification Techniques. Technical Report TR-89-17, Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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There is a lack of sufficient understanding and realization of the importance of simulation model verification in the simulation community. The demands placed on the software which serves as a computer-executable representation of a simulation model are increasing. In the field of software engineering, there is an abundance of software verification techniques that are applicable for simulation model verification. This paper is intended to reduce the communication gap between the software engineering and simulation communities by presenting software verification techniques applicable for simulation model verification in a terminology understandable by a simulationist. A taxonomy of verification techniques is developed to guide the simulationist in selecting and using such techniques. Characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of verification techniques under each category are described.

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