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Murthy, Uma and Kozievitch, Nadia and Leidig, Jonathan and Torres, Ricardo and Yang, Seungwon and Goncalves, Marcos and Delcambre, Lois and Archer, David and Fox, Edward (2010) Extending the 5S Framework of Digital Libraries to support Complex Objects, Superimposed Information, and Content-Based Image Retrieval Services. Technical Report TR-10-05, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Gorton, Doug and Murthy, Uma and Vemuri, Srinivas and Pérez-Quiñones, Manuel A. (2007) Email-Set Visualization: Facilitating Re-Finding in Email Archives. Technical Report TR-07-13, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

Murthy, Uma and Tzy Li, Lin and Hallerman, Eric and Fox, Edward and Pérez-Quiñones, Manuel and Delcambre, Lois and Torres, Ricardo (2011) Use of Subimages in Fish Species Identification: A Qualitative Study. Technical Report TR-11-02, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.