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Online Enlightenment: A Phidget Notification System for Online Status

Heir, Manveer and Hoon, Harish and Terrell, Goldie and McCrickard, D. Scott (2004) Online Enlightenment: A Phidget Notification System for Online Status. Technical Report TR-04-30, Computer Science, Virginia Tech.

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This paper describes a physical device that presents online presence information in a semi-public space. The device uses a map metaphor to represent a set of connected labs, showing online instant messenger status for members of the community. Device users can combine information from the device with information from the physical environment to identify unfamiliar lab members, determine human-to-human interaction strategies, and plan meetings. The paper reports on design decisions that were considered in creating the device, supplying rationale for decisions that were made. In particular, we focus on how people integrate physical information from the world and virtual information from this (and similar) devices in the environment, reflecting on ways in which this type of device can improve communication and enhance community. We describe four envisioned usage scenarios for the device, with early feedback from people who work in the space and whose information is displayed on the device.

Item Type:Departmental Technical Report
Keywords:phidgets, notification systems, interruption, reaction, comprehension, human computer interaction
Subjects:Computer Science > Human Computer Interaction
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