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Scheduling of Load Balancing Across Single-Channel Broadcast Networks

Haddad, Emile (1993) Scheduling of Load Balancing Across Single-Channel Broadcast Networks. Technical Report TR-93-37, Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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The problem of optimizing the balancing of processing load originating at the various sites of heterogeneous processors is examined. The optimal amounts of load exchange among the sending and receiving processors are derived. The necessary and sufficient condition for the absence of synchronization delay is derived. The minimum communication capacity needed for the optimal load exchange is determined. Although not unique, the specified optimal load transfer schedule is amenable to simple implementation. Practical implementation of the specified bandwidth partitioning may employ any appropriate scheme of communication multiplexing available on the given nwork. An example with specific problem parameters is used to illustrate the determination and implementation of the optimal load transfer schedule.

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