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Integrated Access to a Large Medical Literature Database

Fox, Edward A. and Koushik, Prabhakar M. and Chen, Qi-Fan and France, Robert K. (1991) Integrated Access to a Large Medical Literature Database. Technical Report TR-91-15, Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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Project INCARD (INtegrated CARdiology Database) has adapted the CODER (COmposite Document Expert/effective/extended Retrieval) system and LEND (Large External Network object oriented Database) to provide integrated access to a large collection of bibliographic citations, a full text document in cardiology, and a large thesaurus of medical terms. CODER is a distributed expert-based information system that incorporates techniques from artificial intelligence, information retrieval, and human-computer interaction to support effective access to information and knowledge bases. LEND is an object-oriented database which incorporates techniques from information retrieval and database systems to support complex objects, hypertext/hypermedia and semantic network operations efficiently with very large sets of data. LEND stores the CED lexicon, MeSH thesaurus, MEDLARS bibliographics records on cardiology, and the syllabus for the topic Abnormal Human Biology (Cardiology Section) taught at Columbia University. Together, CODER/LEND allow efficient and flexible access to all of this information while supporting rapid "intelligent" searching and hypertext-style browsing by both novice and expert users. This report gives statistics on the collections, illustrations of the system's use, and details on the overall architecture and design for Project INCARD.

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